Key Concepts:

We offer two certification and two recertification courses for the PALS and ACLS medical fields of study. These courses strictly follow the material presented in the most current American Heart Association Provider Manuals. We believe that adequate preparation is the key to the successful completion of the certification and recertification courses. To help you prepare we provide you with an overview of the course and exam content, online training modules, and an extensive and in-depth reference center.

Study Materials:

Access to a comprehensive online PALS or ACLS training module is included with the purchase of either the PALS or ACLS certification course. If you are completing the PALS or ACLS recertification programs you may find this a helpful tool. These modules are available for purchase during checkout.

The tutorials and diagrams within the PALS online training module will introduce or reaffirm pediatric advanced life support techniques such as recognition and management of respiratory illnesses, stroke and cardiac arrest. You will also be exposed to the recommended pharmacologic agents used in each of the above-mentioned emergency situations, and how to manage patient care postresuscitation. Below is a snapshot from the PALS online training module.

The ACLS online training module will take you through adult cardiovascular emergency life support scenarios, with medical instruction catering to the recommended methods and techniques used to respond to each situation. This module includes the topics of resuscitation team dynamics, BLS Primary Survey, ACLS Secondary Survey, as well as respiratory arrest, asystole, acute coronary syndromes, acute stroke, VF/pulseless VT situations, and others.

You will have unlimited access to study and review these tutorials. We have carefully constructed these modules to function as supplemental study material for both the PALS and ACLS exams. We also recommend that you also refer to any American Heart Association endorsed public material as well as our reference section to expand upon your advanced life support education curriculum.